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12 Marathi Stories For Kids With Amazing Moral Knowledge

12 Marathi Stories For Kids With Amazing Moral Lesson
It's a fact that kids love stories. They enjoy them, they learn from them and they can be used as a piece of moral knowledge. However, in this post, we will talk about some of the best Marathi stories for kids with a moral lesson which have been written by famous authors like Ram Ganesh Gadkari and others. These stories have amazing moral values and are loved by millions across India!

So here are some interesting Marathi Kathā for kids with the best moral lessons to prepare your child for the future:-


This story is about a very good king. The king was very kind and generous to his people. He gave them food and clothes, but he also gave them money so that they could go to school or college if they wanted to study.

The king was a very good man, but one day he thought that he might die soon because of an illness that had been brought on by some bad food that he had eaten in the past few weeks (the tastes of which were still strong in his mouth). Then he spoke to his adviser to know how many people were ill and his adviser made it known to him that he was the only one with the illness. At the midnight, the king left the town and never came back to prevent the illness from spreading.

Moral Lessons: Always think of others all time, it's a good choice to consider others

Karachi Bajula Raag

Karachi Bajula Raag is a Marathi story for kids. It is about a boy who got lost in the forest and meets a snake and tiger there. The snake helps him, but the tiger doesn't want to help him because he thinks that he will eat them both up. The boy returns home safely with their help after he proves to them that both animals and humans can always be there for each other.

Moral Lessons: Always be ready to show people how nice you are, No matter what picture they have in their head


12 Marathi Stories For Kids With Amazing Moral Lesson
Jadukar was born into a poor family in Maharashtra. His father died when he was just five years old and his mother had to take care of him alone. As time passed by, Jadukar became very fond of reading books but he could not afford them so he used to go out on errands for money to buy them at bookshops or stalls nearby where they sold cheap copies of novels or magazines that had been printed hundreds of years ago in Europe.

One day while walking down the street with his friend Chintu (a boy who lived nearby), they came across an old man selling vegetables outside his house along with some flowers on display inside his house itself! When asked why he sells these items instead other things like clothes or food items etc., this old man replied: “I do not want much money because I would rather spend it on books than buying clothes each month”. This word really inspired Jadukar that made up his mind to become a writer, He started helping his father after school and this made his father spare him some pocket money. Instead of spending, Jadukar takes it to the book store and he bought lots of books that will help him succeed. Ten years later, Jaguar is seen in an interview sharing how he became a successful writer.

Moral Lesson: The story of Jadukar is a very interesting one. It teaches us that if you are poor, you can become rich through your hard work and determination.

Sheva Aani Kanya

Sheva Aani Kanya is a story about a girl who was born with the head of an elephant. The girl was very intelligent and could do anything, she was also very beautiful and loved by everyone. She was talented enough to do any job that she wanted to do.

Moral Lesson: The moral of this story is that if you want something good in life then you should work hard for it

Ekda Ekda Karun Khup Khup Bolato

A frog wants to get married in the frog town. He asks a lot of questions, but he does not want to marry if he does not know everything about the other frog. Everyone thinks he wasn't interested in marrying the female frog but he hesitates because his friends advised him that his fiancée was a river goddess. He was in love but at the same time, he wanted to be sure. 

One afternoon while taking a walk around the market, he wanted to use the toilet but couldn't because he was in the market. So he decided to use the river but, on his way, he met his fiancée and she told him she wanted to go and buy foodstuffs from the market. He didn't want to spy on her before but he had to, so he can prove to his friends that his fiancée was also a frog as he approached the river he was his fiancée shed her skin and turn into a big fish. As she was about to jump into the river, their faces both met and the marriage was canceled.

Moral Lesson: If you have good friends, do not hesitate to follow their advice

Sakhya Aani Saunsarak

Sakhya Aani Saunsarak is a story about a brother and sister who are very close. They help each other, share everything and always be there for each other. They are family, and best friends and they love each other unconditionally.

Moral Lessons: In this story, we learn that we should not judge people by their looks because if you see something beautiful in someone's face then there is something else inside them too!

Ashi Paavshi Paavshi Paavshi

Ashi Paavshi Paavshi Paavshi is a story about a girl named Ashi who wants to study. Her parents are not happy with her choice but she goes on studying and doing well in school. She kept focusing without any regrets and she later became a doctor.

Moral Lessons: This story shows that if you want something, then you have to work hard for it!


Daandwadaan is a story about a greedy and stingy boy who wants to get everything he wants. He is not satisfied with what he has, and he wants more and more. When the boy gets everything that he has ever dreamed of, then this story ends happily.

This boy loves to eat meat and he was very greedy about it, Whenever his mom cooks and serves everyone he always wants more meat. The king heard about this boy's greed, so he decided to teach him a lesson. The king ordered his guard to kill the biggest of his cow, fry them and give the boy in the market square. He happily ate it but couldn't finish it and he needed to finish eating it, his stomach became big and it burst.

Moral Lessons: Do not let greed take the best part of you. Always know when to stop

Naveen Jahir Shaalechya Samor

12 Marathi Stories For Kids With Amazing Moral Lesson
This story is about a boy who wanted to become a doctor. His father was a farmer and he did not want his son to be like him. He left the house, went away, and worked hard so that he could become a doctor. When he came back home, his father was happy with him because he had become what she wanted from the beginning: an educated man who could help her in her work as well as procreate more children.

Moral Lessons: Always be ready to put in hard work

Khel Tod Sakhi, Kadhi Choli Kasaayachaachyaan?

In the story, a young boy named Khel Tod was playing with his friends. They were playing a game called Kadhi Choli Kasaayachaachyaan?

The rules of this game are simple: one person is chosen to be “Kadha” (the dealer), while everyone else gets one card each in their hands. Then Kadha turns over one card and whatever face value it has will be added up by everyone present at that moment — this means that if you've got an ace-high hand, then your total score will be five points (3+3). If you don't have any cards showing hearts or diamonds when making your bet, then your individual sum becomes zero; however, if someone else has made a similar wager on their own turn before yours occurs then both of you get credit for whatever amount was lost during theirs' previous round.

Moral Lessons: Wisdom triumphs over strength

Venu De Rakhathi

Venu De Rakhathi is a Marathi story for kids. It is a moral tale that teaches kids the importance of being honest and sharing with others. The story revolves around a boy who loves to eat everything in sight, but he always has an excuse why can't share his food with anyone else.

In this hilarious tale, you will learn how Vegnu's friends finally convince him to share his meal with them by telling him that they will eat everything except for one piece which would be eaten by him alone! This makes Vegnu realize what greedy behavior looks like, which leads us all towards realizing our own greediness as well.

Moral LessonsGreed is not a good character for children

Tumhala Bhai Kamacha Lagna?

Thala means lazy, but in this story, he is not really lazy. He just wants to be left alone and doesn't want to work hard. But his parents tell him that if he doesn't do anything for them, then they will leave him behind forever. So he starts working hard every day after school and goes home with a smile on his face because he knows that the next time when we see him again at home or anywhere else, it will be full of pride and confidence.

Moral LessonsIt doesn't pay to be LAZY!!!!

Marathi stories for kids can be used as a piece of moral knowledge. The moral values in these stories are very clear and easy to understand. These stories also have a message that children should learn from them. Parents need to read these stories to their children so that they would become good human beings and grow up properly with the right values in life.

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