Why Can't I Skip YouTube Ads Anymore 2023 | F.A.Qs about YouTube Ads

Why Can't I Skip YouTube Ads Anymore 2023 | How To Skip YouTube Ads 

Why Can't I Skip YouTube Ads Anymore 2023 | F.A.Qs about YouTube Ads
From a simple clickbait, YouTube has become one of the most visited websites in the world. In fact, it is the second largest website in the world, just behind Facebook. YouTube has also become a paradise for advertisers who have the opportunity to present their products to a very large audience.  But YouTube has become a bit more intrusive with an advertising strategy that is designed to get people watching more videos. Here's reason why you can't skip YouTube Ads anymore in 2023.

F.A.Qs on How To Skip YouTube Ads In 2023

Most trending question every YouTube users keep asking on all social media is how they can skip ads that comes up at every video on one of the most popular streaming platform YouTube. Though you might end up skipping some ads but you'd have to watch it for the first 15-30 seconds. In this article, we will take a look at some frequently asked questions about YouTube Ads and how to skip the:

Why Can't I Skip YouTube Ads Anymore?

Honestly speaking there's no fix for this, as a user you either patiently watch the 30 seconds advertisement or you subscribe to YouTube Premium to save yourself from the intrusive ads.  

Can I Block Ads from Showing?  

Using of Ad-blockers might help although most YouTube ads override Ad-block. Most users prefer the YouTube app to its website and while using their app you cannot block or stop those advertisement from showing.  

How YouTube makes money from Ads? 

YouTube makes its money by showing advertising to its users. The company has a few different ways of making money: 

YouTube Red – This is the subscription service that gives you access to exclusive content and removes ads from the user's experience.  
Advertising – The most common way that YouTube makes money is by showing ads to its users. The advertising is usually presented in a few different ways: pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll.  

Ads can be 30 seconds or 15 seconds long and they can be skippable or unskippable. 

But why does YouTube do this?  

Why does the company force you to watch an ad instead of letting you skip it? The answer is simple. YouTube shows advertising in order to make money. Google is a business that needs to make money. 

The company's business model is based on ads, so they do whatever they can to show as many ads as possible. If people skip ads, then the company won't make as much money.  

Most Popular Types of Ads on YouTube 

There are basically two types of ads on YouTube: in-stream ads and overlay ads.  

In-stream ads are the most common kind of ad that you'll see. These are the 30-second or 15-second ads that play before, during, or after a video.  

Overlay ads are far less common. These are the 15-second pre-roll ads that play over the video after the video has started playing. These are usually unskippable.

I hope this article helped you on your research that there are no cunning ways you can divert or stop ads from displaying on each video you watch on YouTube except if you pay for the premium service. Share this post to those who might be needing it.
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