"He is a Democrat" - Boebert Spills the Beans that she Ditched Groper Date After Beetlejuice Drama

Buzzerloops received a recent news which reveals that Boebert Spills the Beans that she Ditched Groper Date After Beetlejuice Drama. (Read More Here)

So, initially, Boebert chalked up her public antics at the Beetlejuice musical to her "overtly animated personality." But then, a video surfaced showing her and her date getting, well, a bit too cozy in the theater.
When it was revealed that her date owned an LGBTQ-friendly bar and was a registered Democrat, Boebert decided they were done. Talk about a swift change of heart.

When she arrived in D.C., a photographer quizzed her about the relationship, and Boebert had quite the response. She claimed her antics in public were just about "me time." Yeah, you read that right.

The CCTV footage from the theater tells a wild story too. It shows Boebert and her date getting, shall we say, inappropriately handsy during the Beetlejuice performance. It's quite the spectacle, with Boebert seemingly pulling her date closer and... well, you can guess the rest.

The venue officials said she was vaping, singing, illegally recording, and causing a ruckus during the show. Even an usher couldn't persuade her to leave until he threatened to call the police. And you bet they showed up!

Boebert's response on social media? She's "guilty" of laughing and singing out loud. 🎭😅
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