PREGNANCY SAGA: NFL Star, Xavien Howard Scores Big with Four Pregnant Ladies at the same time

Buzzerloops received a recent news which reveals that NFL Star, Xavien Howard Scores Big with Four Pregnant Ladies at the same time. (Read More Here)

So, Xavien battled a groin injury during the 2022 NFL season, and now it seems we know why. It's not his first rodeo with wild headlines, though. 

Just last month, he was caught up in some mess with accusations of secret sex tapes, and one of the ladies went after his Bentley. 
Now, one woman is spilling the beans about Xavien's apparent fantasy with getting women pregnant. She shared her story on social media, saying that Xavien told her he wanted to have a baby with her

She even took a Plan B, but it didn't work out, and she ended up pregnant. When she told him, he got all weird about it and ghosted her.

But wait, there's more to this gist. She claims that Xavien wants to pay her off to terminate the pregnancy. 

And it seems she's not alone in this. Other baby mamas of Xavien are reaching out to her with similar stories.

She's had enough of the drama and is making it clear that she's not interested in any kind of relationship with him. She's ready to protect herself and her unborn baby legally if she continues to be harassed.
It's a crazy situation, and it's got everyone talking. Who knew I'd be writing about a NFL star involved in such a tangled web of baby mama drama? 🏈😬

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