Sneako responds at last when one of his 12-year-old fan boys says, "All g*ys should die."

Buzzerloops received a recent news which reveals that Sneako responds at last when one of his 12-year-old fan boys says, "All gays should die." (Read More Here)

He recently held a meet-and-greet session that went viral, but for all the wrong reasons.

During the session, some of his young fans made shockingly misogynistic, homophobic, and transphobic comments. 
It's disheartening to see such negativity from his own community. One viewer even went as far as saying, "Fk the women! Fk the women! We love women but not, like, transgenders," while another proclaimed, "F**k gays All gays should d*e." These comments are deeply troubling.

Sneako, to his credit, seemed genuinely shocked and tried to counter these hurtful remarks, saying, "No! No, we love women We love women. You say we love everybody. What have I done?" 
It's clear he didn't condone this behavior, but it's unsettling that such comments found their way into his meet-and-greet.

Addressing these issues is crucial for creators like Sneako, who influence and interact with young audiences. 

We can only hope for more responsible and respectful behavior from all corners of the internet.
He Replied: "They are children and obviously joking.
This is how I was at 12.
But If it sounds egregious to you, blame the 🌈 flags in their classrooms. 
Blame the media for emasculating men.
Its YOUR fault for forcing an obvious agenda.
Not these kids.
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