Twitch Shuts Down Meiashes Account for giving out Unsolicited Sexual Advise

Buzzerloops received a recent news which reveals that Twitch Shuts Down Meiashes Account - Banned for "Nut on my Tits". (Read More Here)

She got hit with a permaban, and the reason Twitch gave was "unsolicited sexual advice." Now, here's where it gets spicy - she had this phrase in her broadcast title: "Come in and touch your breasts." 🙈

Thing is, her actual content during the stream didn't break any rules, but Twitch's mods still dropped the bummer. Meiashes didn't take it lying down, though. She's all set to appeal and fight for an unban.

Now, the online world's divided. Some folks in the comments are like, "Yeah, Twitch did the right thing." But others, well, they're siding with Meiashes and her right to appeal.

It's one of those situations where the line between edgy content and breaking the rules gets blurred. Either ways every platforms got rules and it must be followed, if not you know what it is. BAN!!! 😅🎮

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