Buzzerloops is a platform that offers you access to modded programs and games. We need to make it clear that the use of modded apps may additionally violate the policy of the unique developers or distributors.  

Buzzerloops no longer advises, encourages, or condones any shape of copyright infringement or unlawful games associated with the use of modified programs.

Users are totally responsible for the consequences of their moves and need to be aware that the use of modded apps may also pose risks, such as however not constrained to protection vulnerabilities, information breaches, and software program malfunctions.  

Buzzerloops isn't always liable for any damages, losses, or legal implications that could stand up to the use of modded apps featured on our platform.

We strongly advise customers to respect the terms of service of the original app developers and to apply modded apps at their very own discretion and risk.  

Buzzerloops strives to provide a platform for records and exploration while selling responsible and legal digital practices.

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